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Our Services

Our Services

Statutory Rehabilitation

Medical management, vocational assessment, job placement, and retraining related services intended to assist injured workers with returning to medically, economically, and vocationally suitable employment.



Vocational Evaluation 

Vocational planning and wage loss analysis for various litigated claims and matters, including workers’ compensation, personal injury, social security, medical malpractice, and divorce, to name several.

Specific Services

-Vocational testing

-Transferrable skills        analysis

-Labor market                analysis

-Vocational counseling

-Vocational plan            development &            implementation

Additional Services

-Occupational safety      consultation 

-Ergonomic                    assessment 

Since 1992, Mickelson Rehabilitation has provided vocational rehabilitation services to injured workers and others. In addition to providing a paycheck, work allows for identity, purpose, and socialization. When injured and away from work, individuals not only suffer medically, but also in these other areas.  We work closely and diligently with our clients to restore their vocational future and way of life, whether it be a standard return to work with the date of injury employer, job placement to find a new job, or plan for retraining to develop a new career. 

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